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Journeyman III

Updating Radeon VII driver "Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.11.3" causes Ryzen power plan to all be removed from power plan.

Hello has anyone have this issue? its not a big deal now since I "know" who or what had cause my power plan to "magically disappear" in win10 power plan settings. Running win10 power plan window and updating side by side I was curious and wanted to see if updating to the latest driver (custom, option clean install) will cause my Ryzen power plan to disappear and low n behold it did. 

I now only have win10 default power plan no Ryzen power plan. To solve this issue I just need to go to Asus driver support and install the Ryzen power plan and chipset  all over (again) I know this because I did this many times but didn't know who or what was causing this issue..I'm not frustrated or google searching "how to fix X" anymore as I now have my answer.

To save time is there a fix for this in the works?

You can reproduce this just rollback  and run it side by side and you should see it unless it just Asus mobo..or my system.

Ryzen 3700X

Asus x570-p

Noctuia DH15

Radeon VII

Team T-force dark pro 16gb CL14

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