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Journeyman III

Updated driver causing lag and old driver gives error?

I have an HP 15-af114AU, which has AMD A8-7410 with Radeon R5 graphics.

I had recently encountered a HDD issue and had to clean install windows on my laptop. Everything is fine now except the laptop reboots at random times. After over a week of troubleshooting, I narrowed down the problem to my graphics driver. I currently run driver version 15.201.1101.0

This causes the laptop to reboot randomly, and on boot (or loading AMD Radeon Settings app) I get the error that "No AMD graphics driver is installed, or the AMD driver is not functioning properly".

I used the tool on AMD's website to update the driver, which took me to the latest version, I don't recall the version number but it installs Radeon Adrenalin 19.1.1 and driver version I think was 25. something.

When I update to this, my PC gets microlag. Every 5 seconds, it lags for one second regardless of what is happening on the screen (could be a video playing or just the windows boot loading screen). I obviously can't work with this lag.

Any help would be appreciated. If more details are required please let me know.

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Journeyman III

I am also facing similar problem and couldn't find the solution so far. I expect AMD team should come for rescue and resolve this issue as I am facing business challenges as video calls starts stuttering due to old drivers and HP is not releasing the latest drivers for our laptop.