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Adept I

Update driver to 23.4.1 and Lost Signal Image

I hope I'm posting in the right place.

I'm having a problem with the drivers on a ryzen 5 5600g.
Every time i install the latest driver or the windows 10 update itself does this automatically, the monitor stops receiving a signal.
The only way to reverse the situation is with DDU.

I did bios update but I can't get a fix

 R5 5600g, MB Gigabyte B450m DS3H V2, 2 x 8GB Corsair RGB PRO.

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It happens to me too. but since newer driver already not like that.

Also you need to stop Windows Update to download and install GPU driver automatically. Turn off that Windows Update or at least make it not auto install.

MSI B550 Pro-VDH - MSI 6600XT - Ryzen 5600G
Adept I

Thanks for answering me.
I already tried these steps and I still have the problem,
Every time i install any version of the amd driver it stops to showing image.
I d'nt know what else to do.