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Unsure which driver I have

I have an RX5700XT on Windows 7 (SP1). This morning I decided to update to 21.4.1 via my Adrenalin software and chose driver only and a factory reset. When the process was complete I received a 205 error stating Windows may have installed a different version and was told to restart and reinstall. I double checked to ensure I had Windows Update turned off for graphics driver updates. Also I had to manually change my monitor resolution to the correct setting.

After restarting I checked driver version via Device Manager which said the driver was from AMD, dated 15 APR 21, version 27.20.20902.1. I could find nothing via google on this specific driver version other than knowing it is a driver for Windows 7 as opposed to one for Windows 10. Also upon restart I received another 205 error this time stating that an unknown error had occurred and nothing about Windows. No change in monitor setting.

So then I went to the AMD support page intending to download the driver itself after using DDU to uninstall whichever driver was currently on my system; but I ended up using the GPU-Driver-Autodetect tool. After another restart I did not receive any error messages nor any change in monitor setting. I looked again in Device Manager and found the same AMD driver, dated 15 APR 21, version 27.20.20902.1.

Another google search led me to understand that the version Device Manager is reporting comes from the Windows Driver Store and equates to specific graphics drivers from either AMD or nVidia. Apparently AMD driver 21.4.1 equates to Windows driver 21.09.02 while AMD driver 21.3.2 equates to Windows driver 27.20.15003.5017.

I have been unable to find a specific AMD driver equating to the Windows driver listed in my Device Manager. Also, it is my understanding that 21.4.1 was not released till 20 APR 21. So do I have 21.4.1 or do I have some driver between 21.3.2 and 21.4.1? Should I be concerned at all?

[edit to add]The Windows Driver Store version for AMD driver 21.4.1 for Windows 7 is 27.20.21002.112[/edit]

[edit #2]I opened GPU-Z and can see the driver version listed as 27.20.20902.1 (Adrenalin 21.4.1)/Win 64. Posting this for anyone else still running Windows 7 and may be confused as I was.[/edit]

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Adept I

Why are you still using Windows 7? There's no support for it anymore from MS and it's really slow🤷


Because I don't like being spied on; because I don't like my software dictating to me about when it updates; because I don't like ads - especially ads directed at me personally - and especially on my desktop; because I don't like bloatware; because I don't like the way MS has set up the file system in Windows 10 - it's a bloody mess; because MS Edge is a pos.. shall I go on? This is my secondary rig left over from 3-4 years ago. I'll never "upgrade" to Windows 10. I did try it. Didn't like it. My primary rig runs on Linux. When Windows 7 finally gives up the ghost for good I'll have 2 machines on Linux. Thank you for your helpful reply.


I've never seen any adverts on Windows 10, Internet explorer is still on windows 10 so you don't have to use Edge, you can turn auto updates off. I'm sure Bill is going to be really interested that you've been on P0rnhub 5 times today