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Journeyman III

unknown deivce

I have recently built my own pc, I have all the proper drivers installed and my GPU is installed correctly. But when I go into device manager I get an unknown device even if the GPU is uninstalled. when I try to install the GPU software with the GPU installed it tells me that it cant install it because i do not have any AMD hardware in my system. I have tried reinstalling the chipset and all the drivers and nothing works. I have tried following online directions but all they tell me to do is uninstall the device in device manager and restart the pc, then it says to repeat that until the problem is fixed. If I click on the unknown device and go to properties the only information it gives me is the devices location which is "Intel(R) Serial IO I2C Host Controller - 06E9". can anyone please help me solve this problem.


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Journeyman III

Could you please give the specifications of your pc?


sorry realized I didn't put them in after i posted it but no helped need anymore. GPU is just bleeped got to buy a new one