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Journeyman III

Unable to download specific version of AMD graphics driver

Hello, I have just updated from Windows 10 to Windows 11 and I hate that it always changes my drivers because it does **bleep** like this.
This is my current graphics driver, it's literally 2 years older than the date when I bought this laptop


My hardware is running AMD Ryzen 5500U with integrated Radeon graphics and I'm unable to run AMD Adrenalin edition even after installing a new one with the checkbox selected to delete older versions. It's just incompatible and won't run.

The fact that your website only allows AMD auto driver software to be installed for it to pick the driver doesn't help in any way.
I'm making this post to suggest that you release a separate driver file that people can download and manually install using the Windows device manager.
If it's not for Driver Easy, I would be absolutely lost right now. Not that it really helps since graphics drivers have the size of gigabytes and I'm running the free Driver Easy version which would be downloading that driver for at least an hour.

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