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Drivers & Software

Journeyman III

Tuning / Overclocking Locked Out


When I install the AMD Software, I have a window of about 5 mins where I can change the clock control for GPU and Mem. I see the result reflected in benchmark software.

However it then reverts to its base clock in benchmark software such as ungine heaven, even though the sliders are still up in AMD. If I try and use afterburner, same thing I can slide it up but it doesn't do anything.

So it seems like something is setting it back to standard. At this point I can not change anything except the fan speed on the tuning.

I have tried uninstalling all other software I can think of that might be interfering but unable to find what it is,

I have tried the 19.x versions and same behaviour.

My card is R9 270XOC

Anyone seen this or have any ideas why its doing it.


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