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To Moderator: when will previous question be posted?

To the moderators:  just wondering if/when my previous pending post (pending moderator approval) will be approved and posted?  Titled -> "Applying AMD drivers cause black-screen, corrupt Windows boot record"  Looks like several other new posts have appeared since yesterday when I first attempted to post...

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I believe it is best to PM the moderators rather open a thread.


Elstaci, that's a fair comment.  I did search for some way to contact moderators and could not find such a function.  Also, given that "all posts are subject to moderation", I presumed that my second thread would be moderated as well and would hence act as a direct message to a moderator.


On the page where you create the new Thread on the upper left corner you should see a picture of a Bell. If you click on that picture that will show you all the threads that you have participated or had comments. There you can write a PM to one of the Moderators. Just for your future reference.

Most likely on Weekends they are a little bit slower in approving comments. Or it can be an oversight. Anyways, if you ever need to ask or PM anyone logged in at AMD Forums for a personal matters that is the way to do it.

By the way, very logical reasoning, a Vulcan would be pride of you!

This of course assumes you didn't post bomb making instructions, links to naughty sites, or biscuit recipes

Community Manager

Once a moderator has reviewed the post and approved it. Posts on weekends may not get approved until Monday.