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Journeyman III

The system is unusable after updating the Adrenalin drivers for my RX 6750 XT

Hello. I recently did an update on my drivers for my gpu after not updating it for half a year, and after restarting the pc my drive went into a write-protected mode and deemed system unusable (none of the programs worked, only thing that opened was file explorer, and I had to use a recovery boot drive to start cmd to check it with chkdsk). At first I assumed that it was my SSD dying, but when I swapped it with a new one and installed the system on it, it worked fine- until... I updated the drivers again, restarted, and the same thing happened. I saw two other posts mentioning a similar issue to this, so it could be not only me. If it is the fault on AMD's side, am I just forced to stick to older drivers from 2023? Please help, I don't want to reinstall my system 4th time. I use Windows 10

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