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Journeyman III

The sound of the motherboard does not work due to the video card


My PC build looks like this:

processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x,

video: radeon sapphire rx 580,

RAM: HyperX Predator PC4-24000

I try to use two motherboards: asrock b450 steel legend and msi mpg x570 gaming plus. And on both the built-in audio did not work. I tried a lot of tips from the Internet. I even thought that my audio did not work at the hardware level and decided to try another motherboard, but i have same problem on x570 chipset too. I think it's because I use monitor with with integrated speakers which i connect by displayPort  and for some reason my rx580 audio conflict with motherboard audio. 

Could this be? What can you advice?

Screenshots with headphones connected to the back connectors

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Re: The sound of the motherboard does not work due to the video card

The reason why your motherboard's sound is not working is because you have your TV connected to the GPU card which is using AMD HD AUDIO driver and not your Motherboard's HD Audio driver.

In Sound Panel, AMD HD Audio is selected as the MAIN AUDIO DEVICE for your TV. Which means that the sound will be using the AMD HD AUDIO Driver and not your motherboard's HD Audio driver.

See if your TV is showing with your Motherboard's HD Audio driver. If it is, make that your Default Audio and see if you get sound from your motherboard.

I have an Nvidia GPU card using Nvidia HD AUDIO while my motherboard using Realtek HD AUDIO and my bluetooth Headphones uses MS Audio.

In my Sound panel, I have my Bluetooth Headphones as my Default Audio device. Thus I get sound only from my headphones. My Audio/Visual Receiver is connected to my Nvidia GPU Card using Nvidia HD Audio. If I make my A/V Receiver the Default Audio device, my Headphones will have no sound and my A/V Receiver will start working with sound.

Here is my Sound panel showing all 3 HD Audios:

Journeyman III

Re: The sound of the motherboard does not work due to the video card

My headphones are connected but they do not appear in this panel. I have only several HDMI sound devices. Also my headphones has microphone but it doesn't present in recording tab too


Also I don't have Realtek driver for motherboard audio in device manager, but I install it from MSI site.


Sorry, my PC on Russian language but I hope that you understand what is displayed

Adept II

Re: The sound of the motherboard does not work due to the video card

It defaults to the HDMI audio, but you can change it by Right Clicking on the Speaker Icon in the tray and selecting Sound settings, than in the window that pops up the top drop down menu you select the Speakers (Realtek) and it works.

In the same window if you want more advanced settings to get better audio on the right it has something like Controlepanel Sound or similar (mine is in dutch)

If you still dont see it go into your Bios and check if the Onboard Audio is enabled.

And make sure you got the Audio drivers from the Motherboard manufacturers site for your specific motherboard.

Normaly Windows 10 installs the basic drivers, but its better to install them from the manufacturer as it could be a customized chip, and in any case you get special audio features.


Re: The sound of the motherboard does not work due to the video card

Open Control Panel, Device Manager, expand Sound, right click on AMD High Definition Audio, and clock Disable Device.