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The RGB on my Wraith Prism doenst work like it should

I got and MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon Ac and the Wraith Prism from the 3900X. 

The RGB wont do what i want.

Idk what's wrong in which kind of relationship but.

If I use Mystic light 3. My Mainboard will work normally but only my fan on the Prism will switch the colour, the ring and the logo will stay in this rainbow dash. (I plugged it into the Jrgb slot, i saw that people do this)

Then i plugged it into the USB Header to use the Cooler Master app ( i directly downloaded Razer Synapse) it works it changes the color like i need it but if i close the Programm the fan turns red ( i dont think that i need to have the window open as a main programm, i mean there enought backround programms).

Same goes if i enable Synapse as soon as i close the Cooler master App the fan turns red and razer says it cant enter The Cooler.

I cant use mystic light 3 on the fan as soon as it got plugged into the USB header. 

i need a solution for this because i think its kinda waste to have 3 RGB Apps on Pc for 2 RGB hardware. 

i would like to stick on mystic light, because of my mainboard.

i hope that u guys can help me thanks!

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