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Adept I

the "newest" drivers attack again

seriously please listen to me, do not delete the post you are going to end up getting sued, yes sued if you continue to release useless drivers like the last one 21.4.1 if you are paying some money to a "qa" team pelase STOP those guys are useless, they approve the release of drivers that wreak havoc in so many ways that it is absurd, that driver completely mess up many open gl apps, (which btw is not your forte open gl) and on top of that many games that do not use open gl but direct X like final fantasy XV and many others have serious bugs and glitches with it, the second i uninstalled the driver (which was also impossible at first i had to do it in safe mode) and rolled back to 21.3.2 everything went to normal, please fire those guys at qa you have because geez, completely useless... 

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