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Adept II

Thank you AMD <3

thank you AMD for this awesome driver, not only is there a big boost in titles that I have seen articles of on google but, looking at youtube comparisons, there is even more fps boost in games that haven't been mentioned in  the articles online. For instance horizon zero dawn showed what looked like a 10/12fps boost using a 6700xt with this driver. It will be interesting so see what more games have had a nice boost. 

I do not regret my move from nvidia to amd at all, at least you guys keep supporting the gpu's at the highest level and make them age like fine wine as history has shown with the 1060 vs 580 over the years and also the 2070 vs 5700xt.  The drivers have been solid with the 6700xt with no issues. Thank you guys.

Just a quick one though, it would be nice to have more details in the notes when it comes to driver notes. It doesn't even mention in the new driver notes about the fps boost in games etc or even if it's a driver for optimizing performance for new game releases ect. I just thought it was another driver release with a few fixes. 

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