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Journeyman III

Text disappearing/flickering with 6600 XT on driver 22.11.2

I have a 6600XT with driver 22.11.2 on Windows 11 and Dell S2721DGF monitor. With this driver, whenever I type in Office apps (e.g., Outlook, Word), the characters that I've typed briefly disappear or the line flickers and as I type further, they reappear. For example, you type 'market' and suddenly letter t disappears, but as I type the rest of the sentence, it reappears, but this behavior continues for some other random section of the text. If I roll the driver back to 22.5.1, the issue resolves.

Does anyone else have this issue? Is rolling back the only solution?

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Adept I

It's been a problem with the newest Word (2021??) for a while on Nvidia cards. Exact same symptoms, though the artifacting can take many different forms. Word no longer has a disable hardware accel switch in settings so there doesn't seem to be any real solution yet, so go back to 22.5.1 if it works better.