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Adept II

Tearing and stutters when you do Re-Live rx 6800 xt

When I say activating the Re-Live service, filming the last few seconds or minutes, strange cuts occur in the games and frames drop. I tried to close the Microsoft clips program, high performance of the processor, and I deleted the definition from the roots, and the problem is still the same in all games without exception.


my rig 

ryzen 3950x 

ddr4 3600 g skill timing 16-16-16 cas 

rx 6800 xt


nvme pci-e 4.0 

nvme pci-e3.0 

testing on all drive  hdd ssd nvme pci-e nvme and all drive 

testing on memory buffer 

testing install win 10 and 11 but same problem

i need fix the problem

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Adept II

I sloved this problem 

uninstall GPUZ ONLY fixed