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Journeyman III

System Crashing in Apex/Doom - 5600X/6800XT

Summary of Issue

System crash on launch of Apex Legends and intermittently in Doom Eternal. I have put the 6800XT through it's paces in 1440p/4k so I don't believe this to be a power issue. I have run Watch Dogs Legion, Crysis Remastered, Battlefield V, and Overwatch wihout issue. I'm thinking this is likely a driver issue in certain games

Edit: Also crashes in... Amazon Prime Video...?

System Configuration

  • Motherboard: Asrock B500M-ITX/AC

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X

  • PSU: CM MasterWatt 750 Bronze

  • Display(s) (Make, Model and Type):

    • Asus VG27WQ

    • Lenovo L28u-30

  • System Memory: 16GB Dual Channel 2133Mhz (sticks are 3600 but changing it from 2133 causes the system to not POST until I clear CMOS)

  • GPU (VBIOS): XFX Merc319 6800XT 16GB (VBIOS:

  • OS (Version): Windows 10 x64 (Version: 19042.685)

  • Driver: Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.12.2

    • I've also tried 20.12.1 and 20.11.2, same results

  • Applications: Apex and Doom Eternal

  • Background Apps: Steam, Origin, Discord

  • Radeon Software Settings: Whatever is on by default

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Play Apex or Doom Eternal

3 Replies
Journeyman III

I have a 5600x and a gtx 1070 - crashing on startup of apex legends, and ... netflix in the browser.

I disabled hardware acceleration in the browser (firefox) and netflix no longer crashes.

Note that a OS reinstall didn't fix.



Actually - hw accel in browser did not fix the issue.

I was able to fix it with a bios update however.

Adept III

I just wanted to give a tip.
If the computer crashes while playing games and you own a vr headset or have an extra screen then disconnect both so you only have your primary monitor connected.

Before my non vr games crash the computer all the time, but if i unplug my vr pimax 8kx then the computer stop crashing.