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Strange GPU voltage drop after Doom Eternal Fails to launch

I am having a lot of trouble in getting Doom Eternal to start consistently. It does not seem to matter if I launch it directly from Radeon Software (I am using 20.4.2) or via the BethesdaNetLauncher app. I get through the Bethesda and id Software intros or a little further and then it just freezes. I have to CTRL-ALT-DEL into Task Manager to stop the Doom executable to get from a black screen to my desktop. This occurs between 30% to 50% of times I attempt to launch this game.

However I have just noticed that these failed Doom Eternal launches also affects the highest GPU voltage settings without me touching them. Specifically it seems to lower the highest voltage from 1193mV to 1068mV under Performance Tuning. I have attached two images which shows this issue.

The first image shows my untouched settings prior to trying to start the game. It has the highest GPU voltage at 1193mV (at 2100MHz) which is the default setting for my Sapphire RX 5700 XT Nitro+ graphics card:

GPU Tuning Prior to DOOM Eternal Crash.JPG    

This next images was taken after I stopped a failed Doom Eternal executable via Task manager. It shows the highest Voltage has dropped to only 1068mV. Note, I did not alter this - it seems to have happening automatically. 

GPU Tuning After DOOM Eternal Crash.JPG

Can anyone guess at why this might be happening?

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