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Journeyman III

Storemi Drive gone after reboot.

So built a new PC, specs will be posted below; and after getting all driver update and OS, and software installed, decided to install Storemi.

Two drives, an empty 1TB SSD, and already populated 4TB HDD. Thinking AMD/Enmotus would be reliable, I went and paired these drives up. Storemi allocated the 256GB SSD to it and spared the rest as another drive. The tiered drive worked and was showing on my computer with all my files still there. Turn off the computer and came back the next day to see the tiered drive missing from the computer. Little panic, I checked storemi and said no tiered drive detected, rebooted, check SATA connections and the tiered drive isn't there at all. On Disk management, the drives are there, but for some reason have 0 partition and is in MBR format (which if i had 4TB would've been in GPT).

Pretty much I can't seem to recreate the Storemi tier drive in hope of recovering the files, and at the moment is in the process of partition recovery/ and file data recovery.

Where did I/or Storemi go wrong? I'll probable retry it with two empty drives next time.

ASUS ROG C7H, Ryzen 2700X, 32GB DDR4 2400, OS: 500GB NVME Samsung Drive, RX 480 8 GB, Windows 10 64bit.

EDIT: should've followed the warnings and backed up - but had too much trust in Enmotus.

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