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Journeyman III

StoreMi Bricked Hard Drives?

Hi all,

Recently I updated StoreMi to the latest version. Since that update, my computer began to get slower and slower, and the cached files were getting larger and larger (up to 14TB in queue at one point!). This was until I cold booted and was left on a black screen on boot-up for five minutes. I hard reset, and this resulted in my entire Windows install being corrupted. My desktop flashed continuously, only task manager could be used reliably.

Tried booting into safe mode, could reach desktop but no programmes would load due to corrupted sys files.

Now I feel like I'm out of luck and want to just reinstall Windows, but can't do that on the StoreMi drives. Is there anyway to unpair these two drives without a fully-functional version of Windows?

Does anyone think that something else is wrong potentially unrelated to StoreMi? Would love to hear any thoughts you have. Because at the moment I am left with a giant paper weight.

Perhaps enmotus‌ could assist with some diagnosis here?

Specs: AMD Ryzen 2700X, ASUS Prime X470 motherboard, Samsung 970 Evo 512GB & WD Black 2TB, GTX 1080 SLI.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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Adept II

The easy question, how to start over outside of a full Windows environment, is to do a diskpart clean during Windows setup.  See this KB article:

As far as saving your existing installation, you could certainly try the command line tools sfc and/or dism in safe mode to try to recover your system, though if it's as bad as that, I begin to suspect there's some kind of hardware issue that caused things to go off the rails.  It could be something as easy as a kinked SATA cable (you'd be surprised how often SATA cables go bad), loose cables, insufficient power, poor ventilation, or of course a bad drive.  Either way, I'd suggest taking a look at your SMART firmware statistics (HD Sentinel is a great tool for making sense of the numbers; a free trial is available). SMART doesn't always catch bad drives in advance, but it can provide some good data points to start making decisions.

If it's possible, could you try to send us a diagnostic report with your existing system?  You would open an Administrator PowerShell and enter:

ecmd --dumplog

If that doesn't work because of your corrupted system, could you try zipping up the data in C:\Program Files\AMD\StoreMI\Log and put it on a USB to send to us?  Normally you would go to AMD for support first, but in this case you could open a support request with us here: and attach the zip file to a ticket.

Hi Enmotus!

Quick question: in the event that the SATA cable is not the issue, and I do resort to cleaning the disks, will that unpair the two tiered disks?

I can try one more time to boot into safe mode, but I suspect you may be right with the kinked SATA cable - had this happen before with a MacBook.I tried sfc and diskchecks through CMD before and they failed sooooo I am suspecting some kind of hardware issue, but the timing of the StoreMi made me curious.

On that note, tried accessing PowerShell before and even in safe mode that wasn't possible.

I will open her open over the weekend and have a little gander at the HDD's SATA cable in particular.

Thank you for your quick response to this!


Maybe this software can be used to remove weird hdd partitionings; MiniTool Partition Wizard Free 11