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Storemi block temperatures?

Is it expected that StoreMI ( would block hard drive temperatures; for example CrystalDiskInfo and HWInfo?

Edit for clarity: CrystalDiskInfo no longer sees any drives; HWInfo sees the drives but does not report temperature. 

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AMD STOREMI is no longer supported by AMD nor can you download the software from AMD anymore.

You need to go to Improve PC Performance | FuzeDrive . AMD STOREMI is based on Enmotus FuzeDrive. So until AMD replaces STOREMI with another similar software you will need to purchase FuzeDrive from Enmotus.

Enmotus was offering free Tech Support in May 2020 for all AMD Users but that ended already.


I respectfully disagree.


Seems like AMD came out with the new replacement for StoreMI which at the moment supports X570 Motherboards and 3rd generation Ryzens only: 

According to Tom's Hardware it does indicate that AMD stopped supporting StoreMI: AMD Axes StoreMI Technology, Replacement Coming in Q2 2020 | Tom's Hardware 

By the way you never mentioned you computer specs.

Since AMD now has a new version to download for STOREMI then I suggest you open a AMD Service Request (Official AMD SUPPORT) and ask them: 

I also will page enmotus‌ who might be able to help you with the new version of StoreMI. I believe he is associated with Enmotus website and in the past has helped other Users here at AMD Forums with the old version of StoreMI before AMD stopped supporting it.


No need for anything further; is confirmed that StoreMI blocks the drive temperatures; uninstalling and drive temperatures are back. I was asking just in case this was a known issue.

Specs: 3800x on Gigabyte x570 Elite Wifi. Affected all drives, nvme, ssd, spinning rust.


IF AMD can also verify you issue then you have found a bug in the software and should let AMD Support know about it so that they might be able to come up with a fix in the future.

But maybe Enmotus will still answer you in this thread and offer a suggestion.


StoreMI 2.0 is no longer based on our tiering software. Instead, it's a cache solution that AMD developed in-house.

Thanks for the head's up. I thought it was still based on your software since it had the same name except a higher version.

I won't be paging anymore with the new version of StoreMI.

Take care.