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Journeyman III

Spontaneous reboots

I apologize in advance if this should be posted in a different forum.  Please move it if so.

I have a Dell XPS Studio 7100 on which I just installed Lubuntu 18.04. It has begun doing a spontaneous reboot every so often.  I have a 430 watt power supply, one HD, 2 DVD drives, and a Radeon X300se graphics card. I switched out the CMOS, in case that was the problem, and it didn't seem to change anything.

Also, the syslog hadn't updated since 9:18a yesterday morning, and I had the PC on for 3 hours after that (spontaneously rebooting every 20 - 30 minutes).

Not sure if these two issues are connected, but wanted to share them both in case it helps point out the issue.

This morning, I removed the Radeon card and the system hasn't rebooted since.  Also, the syslog is updating regularly.  I performed a memtest and it passed with no errors.

Does anyone have any ideas of possible problems and/or solutions?  I would really like to use the x300se card as it will allow me to have dual monitors.  Is it possible that  430 watts is not enough of a PSU to support that and the other hardware listed?  Or possibly I need different drivers?  All other aspects of the system were great....until it rebooted again.

Without the card, the radion_pm_info file shows:

default engine 500000 kHz

current engine 494040 kHz

default memory clock 433999 kHz

Grateful for any thoughts/suggestions.

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