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Adept I

Spontaneous power limit increasing on RX 5700 XT

I'm using sapphire RX 5700 XT Nitro+ with default power limit around 220 W. In wattman I set power limit to 200 W and GPU voltage to 1.072 V, all worked perfect until yesterday. After updating radeon software to version 19.11.1 and crashing Shadow of Tomb Rider game and reruning it I saw power consumption up to 257 W and junction temperature up to 101 C (AIDA64 & Wattman)! According to wattman all settings was dropped to default. After reapplying profile power consumption became 180 W and junction temperature was 81 C in game, no issues. What was it?  

2 Replies

New drivers can set default values...depending on how you installed them.


I set my previous profile explicitly after installing new driver like always. Reboot. But after game crash my profile was dropped  to default and power limit was increased or even disabled. Just resetting is insignificant, but excessing of power limit is significant.