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Adept II

[SOLVED] 5600XT adrenaline driver issue, windows 10 startup hangs and crashes.

I recently built my PC games, with specs as follows :

Amd ryzen 3 3600

Mobo asus prime b450m-k (latest bios)

Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB 3000MHz DDR4 Ram

MSI Radeon RX 5600 XT MECH OC

Xpg SX8100 512GB M.2 SSD

Sharkoon SHP650 V2 650W PSU

Nzxt CA-S340W case

i bought the gpu 1,5 months ago have been playing games on it, and it works flawlessly. Out of sudden, in the past 6 days, i could not boot windows 10 normally, as it always stuck on spinning white dot and then crash right there. I was bamboozled, and after countless hours of frustration and try outs, i finally determined the cause of the issue. It is gpu related. At this moment i have no idea if it is the hardware itself or the software. I figured it is software related because, the fact that i can output to monitor directly from my gpu and when i boot to safe mode to uninstall the gpu driver, windows 10 will boot again like before. The strangest thing is that i tried multiple version of amd adrenaline from current version to previous ones and it still does not seem to work!. I browse reddit and google and it seems that this issue plagued many people, as far back as from few months ago. This is ridiculous. I have run out of my return period so i am either stuck with this issue or going to ask for RMA from MSI.

steps of what i do to reproduce the issue :

with fresh windows 10 installation :
1. Install amd adrenaline (current version/optional version/previous versions)
2. a. Progress bar reaches 60%-70% then the screen would go black and windows reboot itself
     b. Sometimes installation would be successful, however if we attempted to restart after the installation completed,          Windows will not be able to progress through loading screen as it will crash right away during spinning dots before           login screen.
3. Windows then will attempt to repair the startup by itself. but failed
4. Windows Recovery Environment is initiated
5. Selecting Safe mode startup (number 4)
6. Windows will successfully boot into safe mode
7. Use DDU or amd cleanup utility to uninstall gpu driver
8. Reboot into normal windows mode
9. WIndows able to reboot normally AFTER uninstalling the gpu driver
10. Reinstalling the driver will crash windows again and back to step 1


I have tried everything, but DOES NOT work :
1. Installing previous version of amd drivers
2. Resetting Windows 10 WITHOUT losing files and documents
3. FRESH INSTALL and complete wipe Windows 10
4. memtest RAM without any errors.
5. chkdsk and repair the SSD
6. using command prompt to fix the bootloader
7. repairing startup in windows recovery environment
8. Downgrading windows 10 from 2004 to 1903 version.
9. Installing Radeon Pro Enterprise
10. manually installing the display driver WITHOUT adrenaline
11. manually installing the display driver WITHOUT radeon pro enterprise
12. manually installing the display driver from Windows update
13. Unplugging peripherals such as USBs, mice, keyboards, SSD and even reseating GPU and PCIE connector
14. Plugging and unplugging the monitor


Temporary Fix, such as :
1. Uninstalling gpu driver in safe mode
2. Using the computer WITHOUT any gpu driver (only windows basic display driver)
3. Using custom amd radeon adrenaline for macbook pro bootcamp (occasisonally hangs at boot up, but works)

if anyone knows something, please let me know. Thank you



After i reported and contacted AMD team, they suggested me to contact my retailer and ask for RMA.

I contacted and explained the issue and how to reproduce the issue in chronological order to my retailer. They agreed to follow up with my issue and proceeded with RMA. I sent back 5600 XT in its original packaging, along with its paper and documentations. I also printed on a piece of paper stating what my issue was and slipped it inside the packaging.

1 day later, the package arrived to their warehouse and they sent it back to MSI. They informed me that it might take a while, due to the nature of back-and-forth cargo delivery plus the current pandemic situation.

14 days later, i retrieved the my new 5600 XT, after using DDU and AMD cleanup utility to uninstall everything in safe mode, and installing AMD Adrenaline V 20.9.2, i can confirm that my issue is fixed.

For those having the exact issue as me, please contact your retailer or your card manufacturer to ask for RMA. It could be hardware failure.

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Journeyman III

I have this issue since August 18th. I actually out of frustration moved my 5600 down to the 4x slot and it allowed me to install the drivers and everything worked until the 20th of September, then that slot failed me. I am now stuck doing everything over and over again, to no avail. Also I have had this card since FEB 2020 and its worked fine up to now.

My install sticks at 53% weather I do the installer or the direct driver install. Prior to this happening the second time, I got a .net Framework error telling me I needed to update.... I tried to play pubg... I was up to date, I hadn't done anything other than leave my computer on overnight. So I know this isn't exactly helping, but your not alone. I'm worried that buying a new Nvidia card isn't going to fix this either like some people say. It has to have something to do with a windows self updater or something, even when I try to install it with no internet connection, same results and like you I have done everything, with every bios, driver, os version that I could. I just don't know what more I can possibly do.

X570 MSI Gaming Plus, Ryzen 3600, Sapphire 5600 XT, 650W PSU, 2x8G Trident Ram 


Have you tried other versions of Windows 10? I have tried many version, from 1903, 1909 and 2004, and all of those failed. I just could not wrap my head around it, the card worked flawlessly for a month after i bought, and then just did not work out of nowhere. I called the retailer where i bought the card, i sent back the card for RMA, and for almost 3 weeks now, it is still in the process. Maybe i am unlucky, but in the future i may reconsider buying AMD, until i could be sure that the driver and hardware is stable. Perhaps you shall call your retailer as well, ask if they could look into the problem of your card? obviously your card still has warranty on it, maybe give it a shot. The only thing is that, depends on your retailer, it would take a while to process the RMA. Good luck to you


Thanks for the reply,

Yes, I've tried multiple versions of everything. One thing that I'm working on now is, I noticed the extra downloads that windows update has done, in my history are actually for the AMD Radeon RX 580.... so i began to look up in the Microsoft Update catalog for anything related to the 5600, I can find 460 and up and 5500 and 5700, but am not having luck finding anything related to the 5600, i'm wondering if maybe this is the problem. When I do a DDU recovery windows will instantly download the 580 window drivers. My thought is, if I can find the right or best driver, which might be a 5700, I could get the drivers to install. This is just where I'm at now. I'd like to use this card and get my money out of it, but its getting tough.

Journeyman III

Hi, I have exactly the same problem with my 5600 . I upated my system (windows and radeon software) the last Sunday and after I got the black screen at start up. It's really annoying that you cannot use your graphic card as expected. I hope someone find a solution soon.