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Journeyman III

Set Resolution without Monitor attached

Hi everyone,

6 years ago, I've bought a Sapphire R9 390 Nitro for my old and then active Phenom II based gaming machine.

Meanwhile I've gt a new PC and the old machine just stands around and gets booted now and then to access some old data or settings via remote.

Problem: Resolution is locked to 640x480 when no monitor is attached.

Wish: A way to change the resolution and keep it at 1920x1080 (without additional hardware, attaching a monitor or something, just with settings and software)

Roots of the problem: Around the internet they say, that when a graphics card fails to detect a monitor, it defaults to the lowest possible resolution to maybe support hadrcore old monitors. That's a nice feature, indeed, but I never had a monitor that didn't even support 1024x768 and since 10 years all of them support at least 1920x1080...
There were ways to manipulate .inf files for mobile gpus that had a reduced set of available resolutions. Those were mostly for nvidia notebook gpus from the area where the feature "add custom resolution" was not part of the driver/gui.

I've tried command-line ways to change it:
PowerShell > Set-DisplayResolution: This command is only available in Windows Server 2012 and newer (not part of Win10 Pro, no clue how to install it manually)
- QRes.exe: Tells, the resolution is not supported by the monitor (I guess thats the key point). Well, there is no monitor and it only allows 640x480 for the default virtual monitor.

I KNOW, that it doesn't have to be that way for all pc+windows+gpu combinations: My zbox (a mini pc with onboard nvidia graphics) doesn't default to any resolution. I can set it to whatever I want (and the gpu supports) without attaching a monitor.

So I'm searching for a way to access 1920x1080, like manipulating the default fallback resolution or adding it to .inf file or enforcing a "non-supported" resolution or something. Without a hardware dongle that simulates a monitor.