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Journeyman III

screen resolution problem

 Hello, for no reason when i started my computer my resolution was 640x480 i couldn't change in windows settings. I tried several solutions, as soon as I reinstall the AMD driver (the last one) the resolution went back to 640x480 in display port. I then tried in HDMI and it worked again but I am now in 144hz but I have a 165hz WQHD screen. How to solve this problem ?

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Adept I

I have the same problem on my Acer xb270h. Have you fixed it? My third screen which I use sometimes for Twitch and gaming is stuck in 640x480 res. Its irritating to say it at least. And there seems to be no solution for it. I now remember why I went back to Nvidia in 2013 although the lack of cards the latest year forced me to buy an AMD card. It works great only this irritating low res problem which doesnt seem to be fixable.



Your issue is a little different if I read the OP post correctly. He has issues with low Resolutions on one Monitor but when you have Multi-Displays, like yours, it adds a different aspect to the issue.

Have you tried all 3 displays by themselves, solo, to see if you get the correct Resolutions on all three?

It is possible it might just be that one Monitor that you are having problems with if you get low Resolution on it connected by itself to the GPU card.

If you do then connect 2 Displays and see if you get the same results. If it only occurs when connecting 3 displays it might be a configuration issue with the program you are using to run 3 displays. Either Windows or AMD Eyefinity or something else.

Also what is the Make & model of your GPU card and Motherboard and Processor?



I have a Red Devil 6800xt. I tried to change display ports, but its still stuck. I can remember fixing it for a short time while streaming on twitch, but I really dont know or remember how I fixed it. Suddenly the problem came back I think after upgrading the AMD Raedon drivers or Win 10. I have an AOC 35 as my main monitor, a LG 65 inch TV for my HDMI input and the ACER XB270H as the third display. The strange thing is that I had it working for a couple of days and then suddenly the third display went back to 640x480. Ive never in my life encountered this problem before, but I see many others have exactly the same problems with other monitors. With Nvidia ive never had such problems.


Have you tried to install a previous AMD Driver to eliminate the latest driver as the problem?

Here is where you can install the last 6-9 months of Drivers for your GPU card:

Also the latest AMD driver is from 11/17/2021:

Could also be some sort of conflict with the AMD Driver if the above doesn't fix your issue. You can try booting into a Clean Desktop to see if any 3rd party is causing the issue: How to perform a clean boot in Windows 


OMG I upgraded to the latest driver and it worked. I hope it lasts this time and that it doesnt fall back into 640x480. Thx for the help. 

If it should occur again later with the same driver installed then it could be a problem with your AMD 6800XT itself causing the issue or a 3rd party driver in conflict with the AMD driver.


Connect to Display Port again, that is my suggestion since it it the only one that support extended color, bit rate and resolution's and never use HDMI.

If You don't have a Display Port cable - then get one DP 1.4.

HDMI at any standard (latest HDMI 2.1)  and very few has even HDMI 2.0 which is known to cause trouble and why use this piece of crap when one has a Display Port to use?

Ok. Then what No signal on the DP port You say?

Your computer supports DP 1.2 and probably DP 1.4
Turn off all: computer and monitor, unplug from the wall outlet, then wait for at least 10 sec. then turn it on.

How does it work now?


I have already tried to unplug the screen, the computer, it did not work. the problem did not appear after changing the driver, my computer was fine, I unplugged all the setup to clean my desktop and when restarting the problem appeared. I have a 5700xt and the last driver, aorus 27 fi27q 1440p 165hz. I'll try again later. in hdmi everything is fine but restricted to 144 hz. thank you all for your suggestions, if you have other ideas ...