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Journeyman III

Screen Flickering R9 390 19.12.2 Driver Crash

I really enjoy the latest 19.12.2 drivers but I feel out of no where Im having issues with my screen flickering. It tends to happen if I go to adjust my volume while gaming. I rolled back the driver and the problem no longer existed. Im confused as I feel it wasnt doing this a few days ago. Did my drivers automatically update to 19.12.2 and 19.12.1 was working fine? Is it possible my GPU is dying? Im running an R9 390 what I like about these drivers is being able to use image sharpening as I havent seen it in other drivers for my GPU. My GPU driver sometimes crashes entirely and radeon settings will tell me I dont have a GPU installed or the driver messed up. #monitor flickering #adrenalin 2020 #graphics driver crash 

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Journeyman III

I have almost the exact situation and I have a brand new RX 570, any drivers before 19.12 work fine, no flickering issues at all. But once I install 19.12 all seems well for about a day and then suddenly it starts having flickering issues. I think it may be caused after I let my PC sleep and then wake up after a few hours but I could be wrong. I don't have any driver crashing issues though, only the flickering. Unfortunately the only fix is to use an older version of the driver, for now at least. I sure hope they fix this problem because I'm really enjoying the new Radeon Setting application.

Edit: I believe the issue(for me) is actually caused by the Performance profiles, mind you I only use the manual tuning for a custom fan curve but I found out that once I hit the reset button at the top right of the Performance panel, everything started working fine again, no more flickering issues! Maybe give this a try and see if it works out for you as well. I attached an image for clarification.