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Adept I

ryzen master compatiblity with 7000 mobile chip


i just got my hand on the new zephyrus duo with 7945hx. but the ryzen master said it is not compatible with the processor. any one have the same issue?

the cpu is running very hot and i think undervolting is necessary.

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Adept I

Yeah **bleep**. I got same issue. 

Ryzen 7945hx 4090 alienware m18


Warzone 2.0 I get the same message. On ultra max settings external monitor 1440p 3440p

Im getting 140fps but chip is running up to  94c, Thats in overdrive mode with all fans 100% and overclock on max. With my IETSGT500 V1 laptop cooler on max fan setting it drops temps to 87c


Now with a custom profile tcc offset of 15c and all fans on 100% and no overclock in bios i still get 140fps on ultra max and using an IETSGT500 V1 4500rpm laptop cooler fans 100% on that im down to 84c area. 

Ive seen the 13980hx do 140fps at 75c on ultra max settings 1440p so it kinda pisses me off im up 10c on that. But the ryzen was 600 bucks  cheaper on dell canada website so went with that 🤷‍ really wish ryzen master worked or i could ubdervolt

Adept I

Warzone 2.0 pretty cpu intensive. We really need option to undervolt. **bleep**ing hate alienware bios


None of AMD software that involves over or underclocking the processor is compatible with Laptop processors or mobile processors.

Ryzen Master is compatible with Desktop processors and other Non-mobile AMD Ryzen processors.

There is a Ryzen Master type clone for laptops called Ryzen Controller:

But not sure if this program is yet compatible with the 7000 series AMD Mobile processors. need to ask the developers when that will be possible.