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Ryzen 5 5600g does not work with multiple monitors

Hello all. Strange issue I am having here. Let me put it out for you.

  • Motherboard: Gigabyte X570 I Aorus Pro Wi-Fi (latest bios)
  • CPU: Ryzen 5 5600g


  1. MONITOR: HDMI, plugged into my motherboard (this build only has iGPU). This works fine.
  2. MONITOR: (a TV), HDMI, plugged into the second HDMI port on the motherboard. Sadly this doesn't work.


Now you may be thinking it's a display issue or a cable issue. I know it isn't because if I unplug Monitor 1 and reboot the pc then monitor 2 works fine. Both the monitors and HDMI cabled work, but not when plugged in simultaneously to this build.

Here's what I've tried:

I see no reason why multiple monitors shouldn't work. The 5600g has 4 display controllers, the motherboard has 2 HDMI ports and a Display Port, and I'm not using any adapters or converters, Just raw, native HDMI / DP. It's not a windows problem either because it doesn't work on Linux either.

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You mentioned everything except using Windows Settings -Display to configure both monitors.

Does Windows Settings show both your Monitor and TV as being connected?

Here is how mine looks like when I have both my Monitor (DP) and TV (HDMI) connected to my GPU card:

Screenshot 2022-11-15 074914.png

The reason it is showing as 1/2 is because in Settings have both set for "Duplicate" but my Monitor as my Main Display.

Does Device Manager show both Monitor and TV under the category "Monitors"? Any errors in Device Manager?

According to your Mobo's Specs the Motherboard supports up to 3 displays at one time:

Screenshot 2022-11-15 074914.png

What is the Make & Model of both TV and Monitors and what Resolutions do you have it set for?

NOTE: you have checked in BIOS for any settings that might need to be set for your HDMI Ports on your Mobo?


Regarding your first question, windows does not recognize both the monitors, only one. I assumed that when I said it didn't work on linux either it wouldn't work on windows either. I see nothing in device manager and nothing on display settings too.

Regarding your second question, here are the specs of both the displays:

Monitor Spec: Acoustic Solutions LCDWDVD19FB LCD TV / MONITOR

TV Spec: Generic Samsung 1080P (exact model number unknown, might need to do a bit of searching)

Regarding your third and final question, I have checked through the entire bios and see no options regarding the HDMi ports on the monitor. I did see the options shown in the post I linked in the original thread. something to do with iGPU Configuration and the dedicated memory given to it. Messed with that a bit and sadly nothing I tried worked.


Sorry I didn't click on the link. So you have dual OS installed? Windows and Linux?

So what you are saying as long as you only have one Monitor or TV connected to your Mobo video outputs, doesn't matter which one, you get video output.

NOTE: Just curious have you tried to connect a different monitor instead of your TV. Like connecting 2 monitors at the same time instead of connecting one monitor and one TV?

But once you connect both Monitor and TV only one shows up and the other is not recognized. Is this correct?

Just trying to clarify what I read from your original post.

I would open a Gigabyte Support Warranty ticket to see if your Motherboard needs to be RMA to be checked or if it is a BIOS issue.

Sounds like one of the HDMI ports on the Mobo is disabled when you have another HDMI device connected to the other HDMI port.

It sounds like a hardware or BIOS issue since it happened on both Windows and Linux OSes. Just a hypothesis.


Hi, thanks for the very prompt reply, it's very appreciated

Regarding your first question, I had windows installed and Linux on a live USB. Both didn't detect the 2 displays. Only one.

Regarding your second point, you are correct when you said "as long as you only have one Monitor or TV connected to your Mobo video outputs, doesn't matter which one, you get video output."

Regarding your note, I'll be trying it at a friend's house over the weekend with their 2 monitors (a lot more modern than mine) but I don't think this will be the issue as my two displays both work simultaneously on my old computer running windows XP.

Your hypothesis was also the same as mine. I think it's a motherboard bios issue. Some other people have had this issue but no concrete solutions have been found as shown in that post I linked. They said it was some buggy bios from the manufacturer of their motherboard.

I am already on a support ticket with Gigabyte as we speak. I hope I won't have to send them the motherboard as this computer is pretty important to me and it's also an itx build so it'll be a pain getting the mobo out LOL




Can you post back what Gigabyte Support says. This could be helpful to other Gigabyte Users concerning their BIOS in their motherboards.

Also post back if both monitors work at your friend's home or not.

I totally agree about having to remove your Mobo to have it RMAed being a pain in the neck. Plus each time you remove it and install the Mobo there is a chance you might end up damaging the Mobo or some other hardware connected to it.


Here's gigabytes (stupid) reply:

"Hello,  Could this be the PSU issue? To meet expansion requirements, it is recommended that a power supply that can withstand high power consumption be used (500W or greater). If a power supply is used that does not provide the required power, the result can lead to an unstable or unbootable system.  Are both HDMI ports and Display port work on its own?  Suggest to disconnect the boot drive and reset the CMOS to see if it helps.  Disconnect the power cord from the power supply. Use this jumper (CLR_CMOS) to clear the BIOS configuration and reset the CMOS values to factory defaults. To clear the CMOS values, use a metal object like a screwdriver to touch the two pins for a few seconds and see if it helps. "


I can assure you that the PSU is not the issue here. 450w is more than enough. There isn't even a graphics card in this system.

For Integrated Graphics only a 450 Watt PSU is more than enough.

The only good advice Gigabyte gave, in my opinion, is to do a CLEAR CMOS to put BIOS back into "Default' settings.

Actually I don't believe Gigabyte understood your situation concerning the Mobo's video ports.

I guess they mentioned the PSU because sometimes when a User connects more than one Display the PSU doesn't have enough power to run both Monitors at the same time.

But you mentioned both Monitors were working under Windows XP on the same PC, so that eliminates the PSU otherwise it would have done the same things under that legacy Windows OS.


Very true. Sorry I meant windows XP on my old computer. Not on this one.


ALSO, is clearing Cmos the same as "load optimized defaults"? I've already done that. Should I try CMOS clear too?


Doing a CMOS CLEAR is the same as when you first install BIOS. All settings are set to Default.

Yes I would try a CMOS CLEAR. You just need to configure BIOS again in case you are OCing your RAM or other settings.

You can check your PSU by downloading OCCT Stress testing app. It is free and is the only app that actually tests PSUs by putting the maximum load on it by running both the CPU and  GPU Stress tests at the same time.

If nothing else the PSU test will show if your PSU is going bad or had abnormal power outputs or it is a cheap model.


do you have adrenaline drivers installed and if so are they recommended or optional?

from what I am reading you may need the adrenaline suite

Which Linux?


Tried Arch (EndeavourOS), Ubuntu, Fedora

I think I grabbed the recommended one. I'll try the optional one when I have the time.


EDIT: Could I ask where you got this info from about requiring the optional drivers?


I would stay with recommended version  I was asking if you were using recommended or optional.  But I think adrenaline suite is needed for dual output. 


Fedora didn't work? That's Red hat right? I have used ubuntu outa those 3, I use manjaro for arch.

I thought red hat was pretty plug n play and every six months although I have never used it.   


That's odd .. I ran 3 monitors off of a 2200g on an ASUS B350 Prime Plus without issue .. and I used VGA, DVI and an HDMI to VGA cable

Doesn't really help .. but just merely stating that it "should" work

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Again this is what I was saying. There is no reason it shouldn't work other than a broken bios from gigabyte.

Both the displays and cables work but not simultaneously

There are 2 hdmi ports so it should work. Why else would there be 2?

5600g spec says it supports up to 4 displays at a time

Motherboard spec says it supports 3 at a time

So it should 100% support 2


Fedora iso via rufus on a usb stick... no worky :-/(got to a grub command line but not OS load or GUI)... trying fedora media writer the recommended half way through found the KDEplasma version.... this may be a while... KDEPlasma>Gnome>XFCE... ALWAYS!


I am a window manager sorta guy



I do like that look,, nice dark theme.  I just fired up the usb I didn't spend all day tweaking it.  I keep giving my old drives out to my kids.  Honestly I tried to Manjaro and pop-OS as my daily and just got frustrated. 
Works great tell I want to play that one game.    

Gnome has gotten more changeable it's not quite the eww factor now, 

just reminds me of OSX every time.

KDE Plasma is way changeable, Gnome's catching up and the gap is closing.

OSX every time,,,, 


Screenshot_20221116_195247.pngWorks on a rx580 kde plasma edition.  I have now used Fedora,,,Woot.


Fedora rant

dnfdragora is awful slow and python? why?  Confucius say's "you can do anything in Python...Poorly"  Pop shop is faster and that isn't praise to pop-OS I'm just saying ewwwwww like rasbian is nicer and searches faster.  (for grins just seeing steam install instructions) I get that Red Hat is closed garden, But if you have to use RPM fusion to install steam maybe your garden is WAY too small.  Gabe deserves a red fedora dang it! Xwire in gmod is like process 101 junkyard simulator is a trip, heck factorio. At least have a toggle in the plasma store or this python trash for RPM fusion .  Come on red hat were not MS or fruit.  I will say it is responsive for a 2gb usb boot.  Just a shame after goofing around I want to  break the stock plasma experience in half just to install steam.

and really python software manager...its 2022, I thought higher of red hat... kinda mediocre for me...


I got thinking 5600g is a 65 watt cpu. Wattage is Volts x Amps. ~1.4VCPU thats ~46.43 Amps from what was a 3 volt rail.

and your going to loose some to heat.

I think you ought to look at the PSU and if you are married to 450 ,,,, your going to need to take a look at amps coming out of each rail.  a 450w supply is usually not well made and amp distribution is rated on the supply. 

Usually more of that DC wattage is dedicated to the 12V rail, not the 3. 


if you chuck a 750 watt quality(sfx corsair 750 is $160 that's sfx tax) in there  your out a PSU and some pride,  If not is returning stuff that big of a deal?   Hard choice and it's money but so is a flat tire.  Power Supplies like tires are where the rubber meets the road.


my fluke/cables are in a project carmy fluke/cables are in a project car