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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5 3400G constant BSOD and Black screen


Before start reading this, forgive me for my english; I'm not native speaker (my native language is spanish), but I will try my best to relate my problem.


I want to share my specs:


CPU: Ryzen 5 3400g 

APU: Radeon Vega 11

Motherboard: Asrock A-320m R4.0 (I will talk about this later)

RAM: OLOy DDR4 RAM (1x8GB) 2400MHz CL17 1.2V 288-Pin UDIMM (It is not compatible with the motherboard list, but I don't think that this is my problem now. Also, I can only use 5.9GB, so I think that it can be the vRAM or something like that [forgive me, I'm a noob with this XD])

SSD: HP S700 250G (2.5)

Windows 10 Home

Everything is new, nothing used or refurbished


My problem is that when I try to play a game at medium grapichs, my pc crashes with BSOD or black screen. Dude, it crashes with ROBLOX at medium grapichs, even at low grapichs and windowed... 


I know, my motherboard is crap, I readed that my model have this problem with this CPU, but the true problem is that I tryied everything to fix it!


I tryied:

Upgrading the BIOS from 3.70 to the lastest

Downgrading the BIOS from 3.70 or lastest to 3.30 

Installing drivers with Driver Booster 8, or downloading them from the AMD page, even downloading the drivers from the ASRock page.

Installing drivers using the Windows 10 tool.

Erasing drivers with DDU in safe mode and installing new drivers.

Testing the RAM using the Windows pre-installed tool (no problem found).

Testing SSD using CMD (no problem found either).

Installing all drivers from the ASRock Page (It gave me three options, so I tryied with all of them).

Erasing with DDU and trying to play without drivers (It works, but at low FPS, so this bring me hope that maybe the APU is not broken).



I usually test with League of Legends at full grapichs and 240FPS limit in tutorial mode. I discovered that when I try to zoom or the APU draws particles like explosions, it probably will with crash with black screen or BSOD.


Actually I can play this games without crashes:

Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

Hotline Miami 1 and 2.


I found two solutions, (but I need to try something different before):

- Just buying a true usefull motherboard.

- Buying a GPU.

I need to try everything before these options, to see if I can make this APU work.


I also got a problem with BSOD, because I got different type of these.


I got thread stuck in device driver too.


I need help, please!!! ;-; just give me possible solutions, guys, because I don't know what I will do with this now...



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