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Journeyman III

ryzen 3 3200g drivers keep getting disabled

when im playing games like half life and roblox after some minutes my pc just freezes (but the coolers are still on) and then i have to turn it off by holding the on/off button and turn it on again and i see that my driver just got disabled. to get it back i have to go to the device manager and enable, disable and reenable it again. i have tried downgrading/upgrading my bios, overclocking/underclocking my apu and ram, downgrading/upgrading my driver.


ryzen 3 3200g with integrated graphics

corsair 2400mhz 8gb cl16 dd4 ram

colorful battle-ax b450m-hd v14 motherboard

240gb ssd

450w psu



2 Replies

I have not heard of this Chinese Motherboard manufacturer before. But I would have BIOS version 1011 installed for maximum compatibility.

Try installing your motherboard's own AMD Driver for the APU and CHIPSET from here:

Screenshot 2021-12-02 065951.png

See if that works correctly or not or the same issue continues.

NOTE: You mention everything except what Operating System you are using and what version of Windows or Linux you are using.




im sorry i am currently using windows 10.

i have tried to install the drivers from colorful's site and it didn't work.