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Adept I

RX6700XT, Black Screen on Main Display, Green Screen on Second Display then reboot.

I got 165Hz Monitor as my main display 75Hz as second display. It crashed playing demanding game like RDR2 and C2077. It fine playing dota 2, B4B, RAFT for hours. Black screen at main display and green screen at second display then reboot automatically. I only got this PC for a little bit more than a month. I never play demanding game before i just play dota 2 for hours and it was no known issue. Then summer sale came, so i buy RDR2 and C2077.

My full PC spec:

  • B550M Pro4
  • Ryzen 5600
  • 32GB 3600Mhz
  • Biostar RX6700XT OC
  • 700W 80+ Bronze (new) i change it from 650W 80+ Bronze bcos i suspect it was the culprit.

Attempt that i already tries and failed at it:

  • Uninstall windows change it to spectre
  • Uninstall game and reinstall it
  • Undervolt GPU and CPU (makes the game play longer, on default it sometimes crash on the first minutes)
  • Offset vcore voltage to 50mV (someone in youtube suggest it)
  • Change PSU
  • Update Chipset driver change it from driver that i download from asrock to amd B550 driver
  • DDU graphic driver and install driver only, list of drivers that i already tried and fail:
  1. 23.7.2
  2. 23.7.1
  3. 23.5.2
  4. 23.4.1
  5. 22.11.2 (default driver from manufacturer)
  6. 22.11.1
  7. 22.2.1 (play the longest on RDR2, 5 hours before crashing. But cant play C2077)
  8. 20.22.7 (dell driver for alienware PC)
  9. AMD Pro 22Q4

Did any known driver that can help me? Pls send help

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Not applicable

do you have latest mb bios version?

did you run windows memory diagnostic and memtest86?

Adept I

When it crashed i got BIOS ver. 2.71 (beta). Yesterday i check asrock site theres new BIOS ver 2.90. I already install it but never got a chance to try. Maybe i'll try it today. 


Nah still crashed