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RX580 Error 182

So, my problem is a bit weird, i've never seen anything like it and it's a bit hard to explain, so i'll tell you the story of everything that happened.

I had a Ryzen 3 2200g and Asrock A320M-HD. I bought a video card and a processor and motherboard kit from SOYO. the video card arrived first so i decided to test it. It didn't work the first time. After a few attempts I managed to get it to work after updating the bios.

But there was something wrong. The name of the video card was: 6FDF:FF

I figured I needed to install a driver, but that's where the problem lies. I downloaded several different versions of the RX 580, even older versions, they all gave error 182 saying that the installed hardware was not compatible.  Driver Booster installed a driver, I couldn't see what it was, but the video card was working perfectly, all 8GB of VRAM was showing in games and I was managing to run games with very nice graphics even with this processor.

I thought it could be incompatibility with my motherboard since it needed to be updated to work, so I decided to use it that way while waiting for the new parts.

the new parts arrived, I assembled the computer and formatted the system.  To my surprise, the driver also couldn't be installed, even the auto detector couldn't find anything.  i used the auto detector to install the processor driver right after, something was found and installed but i didn't see anything on my system... and the video card was still with the same name: 6FDF:FF.

ok, I used Driver Booster again and a version was installed ( 31.0.14046.0 (Adrenalin 22.40.46) DHC / Win 10 64 ) 03/29/2023.

again, I'm running games much better than before and using the graphics card without any problems. but I can't access the video card settings because there is no AMD application on my computer,  I'm afraid this will cause me problems in the future.

on the Soyo website it shows the Crimsom Relive version. I downloaded this version and it installed. but after restarting my computer it looked like nothing was installed. In the recently installed tab of windows appeared: Run AMD Problem Report Wizard.
but it is a shortcut that takes you nowhere and when opening the file location, there is nothing either.


My config:

  • R5 5600g
  • B550M
  • RX580 8GB
  • 12GB RAM 2400MHz


the summary of the problem is: I'm using the normal video card but I can't install the AMD driver



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Looks like a RX580 2048SP model which was for the china only market at the time....

A modified RX570.

Ryzen 5 5600x, B550 aorus pro ac, Hyper 212 black, 2 x 16gb F4-3600c16dgtzn kit, Aorus gen4 1tb, Nitro+RX6900XT, RM850, Win.10 Pro., LC27G55T..

Just to add to Goodplay reply:

According to GPU-Z the AMD driver seems to be installed correctly at the time you upload the GPU-Z image.

Looking at GPU-Z Hardware ID - 1002 6fdf this is what is showing. The same as Goodplay mentioned:

Screenshot 2023-06-17 125531.pngHere is the spec for your RX580 GPU Card:

It mentions that this SKU Number is for "CHINA ONLY"

This Tom's Hardware verifies what Goodplay mentioned that your RX580 is actually a RX570. But regardless it still uses the same AMD Driver as the RX580:,37933.html

Did you purchase this GPU card new or used?  From Ebay or a Chinese Retailer?

The reason, in my opinion, GPU-Z is showing 6FDF:FF because GPU-Z is reading that information from the GPU card's BIOS.

If you bought this Used it is possible the GPU card's BIOS was replaced or altered. I would try to download the Original GPU card's BIOS and see if it shows correctly in GPU-Z.

If this is a AMD OEM GPU Card see if AMD SUPPORT has the original BIOS for your download and use otherwise you will need to go to the Chinese Manufacturer's support to get the correct BIOS version:



I bought this from China, through AliExpress ( Soyo store ) the seller had very positive reviews and most of the feedback was from people in the same country as me. Actually i dont know how to download the original bios.

You said that the driver seems to be installed correctly. do you know something about this ?


Right click on desktop doesnt show AMD config tab.


Here is the GPU-Z image you uploaded. It seems to be showing all the data for your GPU card plus at the bottom all the API's such a OpenCl, OpenGL, Vulkan, etc are correctly checkmarked:

Screenshot 2023-06-17 134303.png

Generally if only one or two APIs at the bottom is checkmarked that would indicate to me that the driver was installed incorrectly or was corrupted.

I would contact the Chinese Retailer and asked them if they  have the original VGA BIOS you can download and install. But I would do this only if AMD SUPPORT or the Chinese Retailer/Manufacturer recommended it.

But first before doing anything physical, I would use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) with the internet disconnected and deleting the AMD Installation folder at C:\AMD before installing the new AMD Driver. See if now everything shows correctly.

I really don't recommend using a 3rd party Driver updating software because many times they install incompatible drivers.

I would download all AMD GPU and APU drivers directly from AMD download page:

NOTE: TechPowerUp the website that you downloaded GPU-Z has a VGA BIOS database and see if you find your specific AMD GPU Card BIOS version there:

EDIT: Since this is a GPU Card made exclusively for the Chinese Market it is possible it may need a special AMD driver to be recognize correctly or the BIOS is not fully compatible with Non-Chinese market. Just guessing though. I would consult with AMD SUPPORT before doing anything first except downloading the correct AMD Driver from AMD Download site.

I would ask AMD SUPPORT if a Chinese Only made AMD GPU card is compatible with regular AMD Drivers and BIOS or not.


This new thread about a Sapphire RX580 2048SP mentions that it was able to successfully install AMD Drivers for that Chinese made GPU  card: