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RX580 can't install drivers or Adrenalin 2020 software (Error 186)

I have an RX580. I tried to update my drivers through old AMD Settings, which downloaded Adrenalin 2020 and AMD Settings became AMD Software. I thought everything was working fine. I tried to play Modern Warfare, but with the new drivers the game visually froze after about two seconds of reaching the main menu. The game was still running, and I could hear the normal interaction sounds when the mouse ran over a button. I could still click a button if I could find one. But the game was visually frozen.

I removed all drivers and AMD software in safe mode with DDU, and tried to download bare drivers to find you can only get drivers installed automatically using Adrenalin 2020. I tried to install Adrenalin 2020 fresh, clean download directly from the AMD website. First I tried the recommended version from December 2019, which gave an error during installation. I cleaned all of that off again, with DDU and AMD's clean up utility. I tried the latest optional version from January, error during installation for something to do with operating system incompatibilities. Cleaned all of that off again, tried the "detect and install drivers" utility from the website, which was actually just another Adrenalin 2020 installer. I found an old pre-Adrenalin installer on my computer and attempted using the old software, which said the drivers could not be installed because they weren't digitally signed. I turned off the digital signature requirement and tried again, but it still said they couldn't be installed without being digitally signed.

Now attempting to install any form of the Adrenalin 2020 software results in Error 186 due to missing or corrupted manifest files, no matter how many times I completely remove all (non-existent) video drivers and AMD software and download a completely fresh copy of any of the software directly from the AMD website.

Currently have no drivers, can no longer GET bare drivers from AMD, and can not install AMD's software to have it install my drivers.

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