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Adept I

RX580/Black Screen of Depression

Hello. This is another black screen problem post. 

OS: Win 10 x64

MB: Asus ROG Strix b450-e gaming

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600

Graphic card: MSI RX580 Current software: 21.10.2 

Power unit: Aero Cool KCAS-850G

Problem: Some games cause loss of signal/black screen of depression to occur during gameplay, either at the start or after sometime. During black screen, I can still hear in-game/system sounds but PC is totally unresponsive. Graphic card fans start spinning at almost top speed even though card itself it typically warm at best. Only hard reset helps and occasionally graphic card drivers do not properly load after reboot, requiring additional reboot or turn-off/turn-on. The thing is I currently get this problem even in games I used to play for years with no issue, like Total War Warhammer II.

I tried:

1) DDU + driver reinstall - no fix.

2) Wattman to 50% + fan speed adjustment - no fix.

3) Toggling off EnhancedSync/FreeSync - did help with some games like Monster Hunter World, War Thunder.

4) Updating chipset/BIOS - no fix.

5) Installing most software/drivers still available on - no fix.

Please help! 


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Try a different power supply 

ThreeDee PC specs
Adept II

same issue here

try to turn off bios fast boot, it helped me. 

currently i only have black screens with rainbow 6 extraction and no other game


If I remember correctly  I did it already. Thanks anyway, will check BIOS to be sure.


Are you running the card in stock on the gpu? or do you have it overclocked? sounds like a video driver though or the card is getting hot


No manual OC, maybe factory OC, but I can```t tell really. In most cases it is warm at most during my tests - load OS, quickly run then game, get black screen. Radeon software never showed it getting even close to overheating, though sensors on card itself might be malfunctioning. Then again a can play some pretty graphically intense games for hours with no problems, so I doubt it is overheating.


Checked BIOS. Fast boot was ON. Turned it OFF. I updated the BIOS a couple of months ago, so of it is a default option, it switched ON back. Unfortunately turning it OFF did not solve my problem. 

Journeyman III

I have exactly the same issue, had card running for over a year no problem them in last month it keeps going black screen same as you.

tried differnt gpu in pc and it works fine now trying the rx580 in another pc to see if it still fails.

nothing has changed in my pc to make me think it caused the issue to start. i have reseated the ram and tested it and all okay.

i have restricted performance in gpu software by moving it to not turbo boost but it still fails.

as you say not getting hot but i did repaste heat paste  no change.

i havent changed power supply but see no reason to think there is an issue there 500w.

for me i just load fortnite and it fails as soon as the game loads.



my gaming  pc is a ryzen 5 32g ram 500w psu rx fails to black scren on gaming

I just tried my rx580 in a spare i5 16gb ram 700w psu and played a round of fortnite no problem?

next step is to move the spare 700w psu to my main pc to see if the card runs okay again but using the 700w psu instead of the 500w with no other changes.



I have ordered a 700w psu to fit in place of the 500w in case it cant cope as the card worked in another pc with a 700w psu yesterday.

Turns up tomorrow for me to fit and try. I wonder if it will fix the issue.
nothing else i tried has resolved the issue so far so i was very surprised when the card worked in the other pc so i am thinking it is not the card itself hence ordering new psu. i will update once i have fitted it, fingers crossed.


i fitted the 700w cooler master power supply and changed nothing else and so far it has not crashed again.

the new psu has a 50amp supply on 12v, the old had a 20amp on the pci cable which also shared with other things.

i think the surge when the gpu ramped up was more than the psu could keep up with, just a theory.


same ram, new drivers from 3rd feb 22, same settings, so far so good with new psu.



Replaced my power unit too. But magic didn`t happen for me - still getting full system crashes in most games. 


I followed this that I found on YouTube and it has fixed mine. Just note that each time there's a driver update you'll need to do it again. Once I did it I saved the profile under the title of -8 then you can quickly load a profile each time.





O no guys.. I cannot believe you went ahead and bought PSU's to try and fix this issue, I wish I saw your post earlier.

If it was PSU your PC's would've shutdown immediately, not hard-lock..

Your issue is very, very likely GPU overheating. How recently have any of you replied thermal paste.

I have a Radeon RX 480, very similar to your cards and the is the Gaming X OC edition from MSI. I will see if I can find a older post of where I showed another user my pictures of how the thermal paste should look after re-applying it.

But, I can ensure you I have experienced this issue a lot in the past and every-time it required me to neatly re-apply thermal paste. In addition, the solution is not under-volting or lower clocks like a lot of people do, airflow is your issue and summer. After months of troubleshooting, the best solution is to buy a case such as Cooler-Master ARGB MB 511 which has three front intake fans (very important) and at least one at the top-rear, a single 120mm top-back mounted Liquid Cooler is also beneficial.

Furthermore, you cannot put a Polaris GPU in a case which has hard-drives blocking front-intakes, a Polaris GPU (RX 400 / RX 500) needs strong-, unrestricted- airflow from the whole front of the case, or a much older design which has a side fan blowing directly onto the RX 580. The matter of fact is Polaris GPU's cannot cool themselves down, you need to assist them with strong airflow from the front.

So, my suggestion is firstly, neatly replace the thermal paste on the GPU if you are confident, not with the line method shown by Linus, you need to spread those stuff out neatly with the included thermal paste shovel and you need to perfectly mount the heat-sink again without smudging the paste and safely tighten the screws again. Secondly, get a modern case with three intake fans such as the CM MB511 which has mess in-front of it to allow exterior air.

Trust me, I had to replace my thermal paste four times before finally getting such an CM MB511 case, also make sure to get something like DeepCool Z5 thermal paste, very affordable and good from where I am from.

EDIT: Side note, do not play without VSync often and do not stress test Polaris with OCCT (I know this is good software, but Polaris cannot handle it, you can test Polaris with 3DMark DX11 Benchmark which is a realistic max load gaming scenario). If you hate VSync, make sure to limit your FPS at a consistent achievable rate, since unlocked FPS will decrease the time it takes for the paste to wear out.

Kind regards