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Journeyman III

RX5700xt temps in old games

Hi. I have rx5700xt sapphire pulse with 20.1.3 driver and resently I decided to play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. title.

For some reason even in main menu card starting to heat up unreasonably (by hotspot) and in the game inself it reaches like insane temps, I didnt looked at excact temps, but considering I have custom fan curve its hits like 60++ degrees instanly. Game was set on ultra.

Considering more more modern titles dont give temps like this even closer.

I have all AMD adrenalin features disabled and unabled vsync, no result. 

Any suggestions?

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Why do you have a problem with GPU having 60 degrees? Lol its foocking normal, enjoy your games and stop worrying about this. Start worrying if you have crashes, and don't obsessively monitor temperature. 

Journeyman III

Well firstly I didn't say that it was 60, I said definitely more then 60. I had custom curve to be around 25% at sixty and judging by the noice fan makes it was around 35-45% after I just loaded the game.

Secondly, bf5 on ultra with  vsync gives me temp of 55 at max, during prolong gaming. 

Thirdly, I could have alredy notice the temps rising even in the main menu of the game

And finally, hell this game just can't load or justify rx5700xt instantly jump to 70 or more in hot-stop the next second game started and never become lower.

So please. I'm not the kind of a guy who wants his stuff always be at the lowest possible temps, but something is wrong here.

Running an unstable application which is cooking your GPU like a stress test is far worst then having a crash.


70c under load is perfectly fine. Some games heat up more than others, old games can heat up depending on what engine they are using, etc. 

btw are you Overclocking or everything at stock?

Adept III

60temps is normal. what are the temps when playing the game? and not at the menu?


RX5700XT is designed to operate up to 110C. It uses several Thermal sensors throughout the GPU card. IF any hits the 110C temperature mark it will start to automatically throttle to keep it at 110C or below.

I opened this thread concerning the RX5700 high temperatures from AMD: 

Journeyman III

Hi Ronald,

You would have to provide temps/settings to provide any context (custom fan curve, dose not really provide any useful info). If you are playing with your FPS uncapped (unlimited). Your GPU is running at MAX (100%) trying to provide as many frames as possible. I'm sure if you cap the FPS at 60 your card will cool down. And also consider that you might have a bad custom profile. 

I have the same card and when pushing the card to MAX (100%) inside my case - the GPU 1 edge temp is 74C. (average) and GPU 2 junction temp is 89C. (average). And the default GPU fan speed 1500 to 1600 RPM. And when you look/compare to an open beach test (no case) done by Gamers Nexus GPU edge temp 71.4 (-3) and GPU junction 86.9 (-2) at 1500 fan RPM. So my temps seem like pretty normal temps for this card. I'm still going to try some 140mm fans and see what temps I get. 

Also I see someone posted 110C okay (from AMD). I personally do not want my computer case to be at 230F that's a insane amount of heat to get out of your computer case.