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Journeyman III

RX550 Driver issues

Hi everybody. 

I desperately hope that someone can help me, what to do here. 
I recently got a gaming PC from my gf, (bought used). 

I mainly use it for playing World of Warcraft Classic, which isn't the most hardware intensive game. 
But in the start page of Worlds of Warcraft, it tells me that the Drivers for my graphics card are out of date.
The same is stated on "Can you run it" homepage, where it says that my driver is more than 4 months old, and that WOW classic can not be run on as recommended. 
The game itself runs fine for some time, but crashes/freezes frequently (a couple of times a day). And I can't do anything except hard reboot. 

I've searched AMD drivers page, and installed the latest driver, and the AMD software: Adrenalin Edition app, tells me that the driver is up to date, with the latest version from 17-10-2023. 

What exactly am I supposed to do then? 
Have tried to uninstall and reinstall the drivers multiple times now. 

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Here is the latest Win 10/11 AMD Driver for your RX 550 GPU card:

It is possible that the Windows Registry is still showing your old previous AMD driver which might be the reason why you are getting that error message or you have some left over previous AMD driver files or Windows Update is installing a older version of your AMD driver.

So make sure your Windows Driver Update is disabled before installing the AMD driver again.

Use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) with the internet disconnected to remove your current AMD driver and at the same time delete the AMD installation folder at C:\AMD BEFORE installing the AMD Driver again.

Once the PC boots up again download the latest AMD driver from the above link and install it.

Journeyman III

Followed you solution step by step, and there is ni difference. The wow client and “Can you run it” still says that my driver is outdated. 


Have you checked to see if Windows Update has installed a AMD driver since you installed the current AMD driver by any chance?

In another words, do you have Windows Driver Update disabled before installing the current AMD Driver?

The only thing that comes to my mind is that there might be a leftover Driver Installation Registry concerning your previous AMD driver that is causing your problem.

That is why I suggested you use DDU which, I believe, deletes Registry entries in the Registry besides deleting all AMD Driver related files.

Otherwise, If any other Users doesn't have any newer suggestions then try opening a AMD SUPPORT Ticket and see what they suggest from here: