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Adept I

RX Vega 64 black screen on idle


When I leave the PC idle between 5-15min, the screen goes black and there is no system response. But there is no problem while im doing things. For example, I can play game for 10 hours straight that I will not get the black screen. Its only when is in idle, for example, in the desktop, steam, browser, etc, without any game or activity in the GPU.

I have the problem since Adrenaline 2018 and I have endured this, but 2 years with that problem is so annoying because I can't go to do home things without find the black screen when I come back.

The drivers are completely broken and are getting worse every patch. Please, start to fix the drivers seriously before RDNA2 is released or I will be forced to get a 3000 series.


Samung CF791 3440x1440 100hz

Asus Crosshair VI

Ryzen 7 1700X @ 3,8Ghz

2x8 G.Skill TridentZ @ 3200Mhz

Kraken X62

Samsung Evo 960 Pro 512GB

EVGA Supernova G2 750W


Windows 10 

Adrenaline 20.4.2

Software normally I have in background:


Logitech Gaming Software


Also I have AMD chipset with Ryzen power plan.