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Journeyman III

RX 6700 (non XT) drivers timeout in every game


I bought a new system last month but everytime i game, sometimes after hours sometimes after minutes the game freezes(sound continues) the monitor loses connection and return and i get drivers timeout error (the AMD drivers close and open again).


CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x

Board: ATX ASRock B550 Steel Legend (with last bios)

Ram: G.SKILL Ripjaws V 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4-3200MHz CL16 Gunmetal

SSD: M.2 2280 KIOXIA Exceria Pro Gen4 1TB 3D TLC NVMe

GPU: Sapphire RX 6700 10GB GDDR6 Gaming OC

PSU: Seasonic B12 BC Series 750W 80 Plus Bronze

OS: windows 10 22H2 version


What have i tried so far:

all the available drivers including the Pro drivers

Changing to Window 11

Undervolting the GPU

Changing the Regedit file (TdrDelay)

Changing the Paging file size

Checked all the connections on my PC (all the cables PSU etc)

Changed energy settings on windows to full performance

Turn off quick start on Windows

updated chipset drivers

changed on the bios from gen 4 to gen 3 on the PCI slot


I really tried everthing i saw online but nothing seems to work, my monitor is a old, and only have VGA so i use an adapter VGA to HDMI, idk if that may be causing the problem.

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With how often this happens for you, and with all troubleshooting steps you made it actually may be HDMI to VGA.
HDMI - digital interface, while VGA is analog one. it may cause some interference beside locking you down with much lower max resolution and fps. 

Other possibility - unstable system component. There are chances are for GPU core, VRAM or RAM to be possibly unstable in your situation... Not necessarily faulty, but not able to work within supposed spec. 

For GPU you must underCLOCK and not undervolt. Because voltage gives stability, while clock speed decreases it. 


Also, for details. These crashes happen within every game? Or some specific game? Does it load GPU hard or not? Does GPU go to max frequency in games that crashes or it isn't (it can be low frequency crash, high frequency crash and transient load crash)? 


ok i underclocked a bit to see if it helps i also turn off hardware accelaration on chrome.

it happens in every game i play (Genshin Impact, Guild Wars 2, New World even on Bluestacks Emulator)

Sometimes it happends 5minutes after i open a game, sometimes hours while playing, the temps are normal 65-68C while gaming more demanding GPU games, on GW2 for example that uses more CPU dependent the card is at 34-37c and the Hot Spot at 40-44c.

Im trying to see if this solves it, i will try tomorrow with a TV with HDMI to see if thats the problem.


EDIT: for some reason Chrome with Hardware Accelaration was giving slow down while scrolling on youtube comments and sometimes the videos stopped working, with HA off doesnt happend


Yeah, with current optional drivers HW acceleration have unresolved issues and bugs.
AMD promised to fix at least most of them in next optional driver. 

Let's hope it is HDMI-VGA converter that gives issues. 
Alt-tabbing from and into game or using 2 monitors also can cause drivers errors. But it is not as frequent and easily triggered as you mentioned, and only should happen on optional drivers at this point of time.