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Journeyman III

RX 6600 wrong utilization rate (not 100%)

Hello everyone, i have a very strange issue. My GPU just dont want to run at 100% in as example R6S. But the strange thing is that it runs at 99% in Benchmarks, my CPU is at 2%   ->    no bottleneck, i also displayed the all the cores in MSI Afterburner, so im very sure its not a Bottleneck. 


Here is the Screenshot from my Score in 3D Mark Timespy. (Runs on 99% here)




But as soon as i start Playing R6S it dropps to frickin 40% and so the FPS do. 




I allready tried everything. Deleting Drivers with DDU, setting Windows to HIGH Power, setting Powerconsumption in the Adrenaline Software all the way to the right. Nothing worked. 

Its not just R6S, also Games like PUBG or even CSGO. 


Also the FPS sometimes drop by 20s, very annoying. I tried also disabeling iGPU of my CPU in BIOS, nothing changed. Same as Updating BIOS. Is my GPU Broken? Its BRAND NEW btw. 


Please someone help me!

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