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Journeyman III

RX 5700xt black screen after update restart

My 2700X / 5700xt has run flawlessly since built 1 year, and 2 months ago. After getting the pop up that a driver update was available, I closed ALL windows open, and proceeded to install the new update (never again). I did this through the amd radeon software. At the end of install it did a reboot, and now will not boot up. All I get is a black screen. Not even F2 or del will get me into bios now. Did AMD just brick my PC? What are my options without loosing any data? Does AMD give a S#it? Will their drivers EVER be as reliable as Nvidia? Any help appreciated. One thing is for sure, my upgrade on GPU is DEF gonna be Nvidia now. Possibly even get rid of the CPU as well. I just cant trust AMD drivers..............

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Adept II

Do you have multiple monitors or a TV connected? Try selecting proper connection on your monitor via OSD menu.