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Adept I

RX 5700 XT High pitch on specific games

Hi everyone,

I've got a RX5700XT nitro+ since a few months, and some games cannot run without producing a high-pitched noise coming from my GPU.

It happens only on

- Far Cry 5

- Monster Hunter World (with dx12 enabled only)

The games are running globally well, however this sound seems abnormal.

I use the bare AMD driver 26.20.15019.15019

I have no strange noises when running other games like BF5, Overwatch, Nier Automata

It does not seem to be related to GPU load or fan speed, I ran 3DMark multiple times without hearing any of this noises, even with stress tests.

Anyone having the same issues?

3 Replies

What do you mean by high pitched noise? Does it come from your audio system, or from your PC case? If it's from pc case then that's coil whine, either by your GPU or PSU. If it's from audio, there was a bios update for AM4 x570/b450/x470 boards that fixed some audio. AMD GPU should not affect system audio, unless you use audio over HDMI, which has its own driver made by AMD. Check if its installed. 


It comes from the GPU, but only on 2 specific games ... 

The sound seems closer to an old hard drive reading/writing data (i use a SSD)


It's coil whine, and it's harmless.