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Journeyman III

RX 5700 XT HDMI Audio bugfix

I maybe found a fix for HDMI sound dropping on RX 5700 XT bug.

Thing which triggered this issue within few seconds reliably was to play video on Steam Store page (game promos, trailers ....)

Can somebody confirm is it working for them as well ?

Steps to test workaround fix:

  1. Enable Test mode (in order to install unsigned driver)
    Run Cmd as administrator:
    bcdedit /set testsigning on
  2. Force install modified AMD Audio driver:
    • Option A - download driver modified by me
    • Option B - modify driver yourself:
      In AtihdWT6.inf change this row:
      to this:
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Journeyman III

This fix would be awesome, especially if you use Dolby Atmos and HDR.

My setup: 5700 (XT bios) -> Samsung HW-N950 -> LG OLED B8 (arc)

Sound drops occur during gaming (Metro Exodus) and during streaming 4K HDR Atmos (PLEX).

I have tried every setting in the driver and bios without luck. The only solution is with a DP adapter, but i have one with DP 1.2 witch does not support HDR. Atmos is working ok though. Unfortunately when you spend 500+ on a video card and 1500 on the soundbar, you want it to work as advertised. Buying a 30-40$ adapter (DP1.4 HDMI) it's not fair.

I have modified the driver and installed it. I could not enable test mode because of secure boot policy, but you can boot with that option from the windows 10 troubleshooting menu. 

So far, so good. I ran the game then cycled to desktop a few times so the video card was switching from 100% load to 0% load. No problem so far. Atmos and HDR both work fine. If the problem does not occur within a couple of days, i can say the fix works, and as soon as others confirm this, AMD should urgently fix the bug in the driver.

Kudos for finding this.

Update: Issue still there :(


You all should report this to AMD right now:


I think this could be a pretty big find. 

I will mention a pro team member, maybe he can forward this information to the right folks as I know 68xx users are still having this issue too.  @fsadough 


Try this fix instead: AMD 5700 / 5700XT HDMI audio fix with LG OLED 

or This because the topic above was flagged as spam :robotmad:

The modified drivers didn't work for me, but this does.

Journeyman III


this file have been deleted

pls upload it again


Journeyman III


I know this is a old post, but I did find this same issue with my new PC, and my RX5700XT. So, long history short, I did try almost every solution proposed on the internet, with no luky ... Until I notice something on my TV ... The information about the video quality did show "1080p 50Hz". In all my other TV conections it was "1080p 60Hz".

So, I go to the windwos screen configuration, chande the frenquency from 50Hz to 60Hz ... and ... The issue is gone .... 

Silly no?

I hope this information can help any new AMD owners like myself.