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Journeyman III

RX 570 freezing?

My son has a system with an RX 570 GPU.

Specs are... AMD FX6300 CPU, 16Gb RAM, 500w PSU, Gigabyte GA570A DS3P MOBO

The system started freezing a couple of months after putting in the FX6300 as a replacement for an Athlon X3. At first I thought it was overheating as case was cramped, and using stock cooler. We upgraded case and replaced cooler with a coolermaster Evo.  It was fine for a couple of weeks, and then started again, freezing during gaming.  System just stops, and only a restart brings it back. I am sure its not overheating, confirmed using HW Monitor. CPU runs a max of 38degrees. GPU maxes at 70degrees.

Bit unsure what's happening, Ive upgraded drivers to 21.6.1, but this has now introduced errors in windows, where the start menu fails to show at times.  Hes running Win 10 2004.

I was going to wipe and reinstall windows, as its never had a full wipe and reinstall for a few years, and has had many upgrades. Also it refuses to update correctly now, but wondered if this could be another issue rather than a graphics problem, such as a PSU or HDD issue.

Any ideas would be appreciated

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Journeyman III

Also noted that when gpu temps around 65 70ish, fans not spinning that much, around 1200rpm according to hw monitor. Could gpu be overheating, or are fans set wrong. Can they be manually altered....