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Journeyman III

RX 570 driver issues

Hi guys!

So I built a desktop PC for myself with an RX 570 card about 6 months ago. Everything worked fine and I used the PC without issues until January 2021. The new driver update was automatically installed and suddenly I got around 60 FPS even in Hearthstone, alongside random stuttering and very long loading times (sometimes even up to an hour in games like FIFA 20). Rocket League starts just fine, but some graphical elements load only after several minutes of play, I basically have to do 1 or 2 matches without seeing my opponents, because they do not load in. Reducing resolution or any other game settings does not result in higher FPS in my case, nor in smaller load times.

Whenever the assets load, I can hear my GPUs fans spinning with a higher RPM, but the temperatures before and after this are around 50 Celsius in most cases (independently of the heat AND the fan curve, as if they are controlled by the game loading process).

I tried DDU, looked for stable drivers for my GPU, found a solution which was good, but only temporarily. 19.5.3 was stable enough (far from perfect), I get around 100 FPS instead of 60, which is still only half of the original readings of around 200 FPS in Hearthstone. Then came the other issue: auto driver updates. My 19.5.3 driver lasts about 3 days, than the new and shiny unstable drivers are installed. 

Device installation settings are turned to 'No' inside Windows 10 settings, as advised here:

But the problem still persists. Furthermore, running stress tests on my CPU it is clear that my system is stable. No blackouts occur during booting, nor during simple navigation through Windows, no blue screens, but only the previously described stuff.

I am using a Ryzen 2600x alongside 16 GB of 3200 MHz RAM and an M.2 SSD on which Windows is located, the card is brand new, my PSU is a Corsair CV650. If you have any advise, any suggestions, please help.


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