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Journeyman III

Returnal has large screen flickers with Adaptive Sync On (driver version 23.7.1)

Returnal gets large flickers of many little boxes in a stripe across the screen (in flashes) while playing returnal with adaptive sync on. This happens with the newest drivers (ver 23.7.1) but has happened since every version after 22.5.1
Disabling adaptive sync makes the issue go away but I would much rather leave it on and play with freesync (or have some option to only turn it off for specific games). I am not having this issue on my other games (it is possible 1 or 2 others could have an issue as well but nothing else I have played recently)

I did my original playthrough on 22.5.1 with no issues. (some versions between 22.5.1 and 23.7.1 had lots of issues where you would lag and skip around but newer versions fix that)

For reference the newest version of the game is now using FSR 2.1

CPU R7 5800x, 32 gb ram 3600mhz, GPU RX 6800

Please let me know if anyone else can replicate the issue (especially rx 60xx)

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