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(Resolved) Screen capture stuttering after installing 23.9.2

I'm using Lossless Scaling ( to upscale some of my games from window mode to fullscreen, because it's more convenient for some games than using fullscreen modes, or borderless fullscreen modes that don't allow changing resolutions.

Been using it for Starfield in particular, lately. Was working nicely before installing the latest driver.
Now I get some constant slight stuttering. Have tried to change settings etc, to no avail.

GPU is 6700XT.

EDIT: I figured that OBS might also be affected, because both apps use similar capture methods and I wasn't disappointed. OBS capture also stutters.

EDIT2: And so does Discord... I guess capturing in general is broken. I'll try to capture with Adrenaline.

EDIT3: Adrenaline capture also stutters.

EDIT4: Actually seems resolved after doing the good old DDU cycle...

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