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Resolution and Pixel Format problem after driver update

If I install any version higher than 19.4.1 drivers on my RX 480, I can't change the Pixel Format. Always used the YCbCr 4:2:0 12 bits, and after update, if I change the pixel format, it switch back to the Full RGB 4:4:4 8 bits after a few secs. The 3200x1800 resolution is missing too after the update, even 1600x900 in some versions between the 19.4.1 and 19.5.2.
Using a 4k TV as a monitor (LG 43UK6520PSA).

Righ now, I'm stuck in the 19.4.1 untill this issue is resolved. Tried on a fresh Windows installation, and the problem persists. 

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Check Advanced display computer settings and make sure it is not set at 59hz.

Do you have VSR and GPU scaling on or off?

Thanks for the fast reply.
I checked the advanced display settings, and it's set on 60Hz.

That's my settings. On the first one, you can see the 19.4.1 version, and on the second one, it's on the 19.5.2 version.

Sorry for the Portuguese language, but I think you can see the key points.

Please click on the images for a better reading.

19.4.1 Resolution.png19.5.2 Resolution.png


I would report this to AMD using this link > Online Service Request | AMD  including your screenshots.

Curious...are you on Win10 version 1903?

Sorry it took me so long to answer your question. 
Yes. I'm using the 1903 Win10 build.

After some tests, I realized that the 19.4.3 version works fine too, which make me believe the problem started at the 19.5.+ series. Even the 19.6.1 has the same problem.

Using 19.4.3 right now.

Thanks for the link you've sended me. Didn't knew that there was a way to be in contact with them directly.