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Journeyman III

ReLive instant replay causing game stutter

I just upgraded to a 7900XTX and did a complete fresh install of windows 11 about 3 days ago.
Whenever I start playing a game and enable instant replay there will be stuttering (not always a drop in actual frames) the stuttering also occurs on the ReLive overlay causing it to flash. Having instant replay enabled in most games causes this issue. Enabling desktop recording will also cause this if I am not playing any game.
Specs at bottom

Things I have tried changing to fix game stutter:

-Turning record Desktop on/off
-Changing record resolution/fps
-Video and audio bitrate
-Video encoder type
-Audio channels
-Media save location
-Replay duration
-Replay buffer
-turning off Adaptive sync
-turning off AMD Freesync
-Turned off Radeon Chill/FRTC
-Turning on/off HDR and restarting machine

This issue only happens once Instant replay is enabled

What I have noticed is while keeping Task manager open on another monitor:
watching the gpu performance tab seems to narrow down what is happening
The video Codec Engine % will fluctuate drastically with Instant replay on, between 48-22%
Every time the codec engine fluctuates the 3D usage % also fluctuates
more drastically, for example when playing a demanding game like CP2077 when the fluctuations occur the 3D% drops from an average of 75% down to ~22%
So the card total usage is getting tanked by the codec for some reason every 3-5 secs
I feel like this is what causes the issue but I don't know what there is left to try

I love being able to record game clips to share
worked just fine on my rtx card, starting to think this was not a smart change
So until someone can help me have to turn off the instant replay to be able to play anything
I will greatly appreciate any assistance in getting this fixed

System specs:
Windows 11 23H2
Adrenalin version 23.12.1
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core Processor @ 3.70 GHz
Asrock x570 Taichi
G.Skill 64.0 GB DDR4 3600Mhz
ASRock Taichi Radeon RX 7900 XTX 24GB


Here is a screenshot of my Task manager while standing still in Cyberpunk with instant replay turned on. You can see how every time Video codec dips so does the card usage.

Hopefully this is useful!

Task manager.png

2 Replies
Journeyman III

I just recently built a brand new PC and i'm experiencing the same issue. As soon as I turned on Instant replay, I started getting these video stutters while gaming. This is consistent every time I try to use instant replay.

I have a 7800XT

I have some recordings of the video stutter, if needed.

Hope we get some answers here.

Journeyman III

Same problem, 7900xtx and 5800x3d, recently upgraded. Had zero issues with my old r5 1600 and nvidia's 1060 6gb using instant replay was easy and never noticeably detrimental. Considering returning the card if this isn't solved.