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Recently I've returned to producing YouTube Videos after a lengthy hiatus, mainly caused by the fact that Radeon Adrenalin 2020 basically broke YouTube Streaming.

I have no idea if that's actually been fixed yet, but I will be looking into it in the future.
For now I've gone back to Offline Recording., which is fine as it's better quality anyway.

But I've run into a bit of an interesting problem.
While SDR works "As Intended" (although it would be nice if it supported Atmos, 5.1 and 7.1 Surround) the issue I've run into is with HDR Support and it's a bit of an odd one.

Now first I want to question why AMF (AMD Media Framework) only supports PQ10 rather than HDR10? 
This just seems strange to me., but there is another issue.

Both ReLive and OBS (using AMF HVEC) output 4:2:0 8bit... now with OBS arguably this is "Fine" as it only actually supports sRGB, Rec.709 and Rec.601., and while it looks "Washed out" it is converting HDR10 to whatever Colourspace is set before outputting as 8bit.
The reason it's washed out is because said output isn't Gamma Corrected. 

It's not ideal., but at least it's representative. 
ReLive however doesn't Colourspace Convert., it just reduces it to 8bit... which the result is, well see for yourself.

As a result switching to AVC or using Xbox DVR seems the best option., as it will convert to Rec.709 Full Gamma Corrected, so it outputs an SDR Video BUT at least the output is correct. 
But I'd really like to record and output HDR (preferably HDR10, given this is the Universal HDR Format).

As Screenshots DO output HDR10 just fine., this makes me think the issue is with the implementation. 
Now as noted checking the Media Info, essentially shows YUV420 8bit Partial... which, is frustrating as it needs to be YUV420 10bit Full and I'm not sure if the issue here is that the output is being incorrectly written. 

What I might end up doing is writing a Quick'n'Dirty Recording App with AMF to better figure out what's going on., but as Images do output as 10/12bit Full Colour while Videos don't... while the HVEC Format does support such, I have to assume that the issue here is with the File Output Handling. 

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