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Journeyman III

Record and Stream Tab Missing From Adrenalin

So after putting in a new motherboard (MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge Wifi) for my rig, I updated the drivers for my GPU (Radeon RX 5700). However, once the install was done, I couldn't record or take screenshots with Adrenalin. Eventually, I found out that the tab for recording and streaming was missing entirely. Since then, I've spent the last day trying every fix under the sun including reverting to old versions of the drivers, reinstalling the current drivers, doing a factory reset, uninstalling the drivers completely with both DDU and AMD Cleanup Utility, running a separate installer for Crimson ReLive, and even reinstalling Windows. Literally nothing has worked. Is there something I'm missing here? Is there anything I can do?

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Adept I

I have the same problem. 

AMD Recording Software was working fine just yesterday - i even recorded a 720p60 video for my YouTube channel.

But today when i started the PC i tried to record again and AMD was not showing me any popups on the top right side of my screen that i'm currently recording. 

I then did a full reinstallation of my Drivers, Deleted Temp files, Uninstalled completely with the AMD Cleanup Utility. And then i saw that my Recording and Streaming tab were missing?... I tried older graphics drivers but nothing is working and my tab is missing now. Fudge. 


I am having the same issue too, wondering if urs got solved? 


SAME msg me if u found sum Discord : Seven.#1903

Journeyman III

just registered to say, i'm having same issue, tried all the steps you mentioned and no luck.

amd sucks when it comes to software/firmware.